Furmil machines


Vacuum press

The vacuum press is a machine with a wide specter of using. From the simplest veneering up to termoforming of Corian/Kerrock. We produce the machines on every users wish.

With this machine you can produce veneered half products,produce bonded blocks on model shape, processing of Corian/Kerrock,...

Every machine is produced for a known user, that means fully costumized technology and price for each costumer.

The pillow

The pillow is a product of many practical experience and using of veneer in the workshop. It was developed for specific spatial veneering.

The technology on the market was too expensive or it did not meet the technological requirements. With development of the pillow acquired the workshops an affordable product.

It is for veneering of different fillers and also for veneering of various laths and boards.

You simply put the pillow on the table of your hydraulic press. For veneering of fillers we recommend two pillows-on the top plate and on the down plate.

Carpenter press

The Carpenter press is suitable for light pressing and also for massive banded blocks. The versatility are allowing the specifically developed pneumatic cylinders.

The system is fully pneumatic. You can move the cylinders in any way on the plate.

The power of one cylinder is 15.000 N (1,5 t). It is an easy-use machine.

The maintenance costs are in relation to similar hydraulic systems unimportant.

Vacuum system

This system is a very effective and easy way to press the veneer on the basic plate or designing in a form. Here you need only one piece of the model - the lower one. A round wall of a bar you can produce even without the model.

Solar power plant cleaning system - Robot RSE-35

The device is intended for cleaning of the big surfaces of solar power plants. Inaccessible and steep surfaces are for this device a piece of cake.

The Robot is driving without any problems on sheep and wet surfaces. The device is commanded over a remote control.

On the picture you can see the main unit, wich is connected to a intricate system with cleaning liquids.